Other Blogs

Some of the riders have blogs.  Here are links to their blogs.

Handle: Scutrbrau  – blogging at http://vesparazzi.blogspot.com

Handle: Starreem – http://lambrettaodysseys.blogspot.com/

Handle: feb31st – http://cbr12.tumblr.com

Handle: The Dandee – http://thedandee.com/tagged/cannonball

Handle: ClassicRider – http://2012classicrider.wordpress.com/

Handle: mrmoi2000 – http://www.bodgespotting.com/blog/

Handle: lostboater – http://scootercannonball2012.blogspot.com/

Handle: Godzilla Bobber – http://partlyhazy.blogspot.com/

Want to see the rider list?  It includes lots of information: cc, type of bike, etc…


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