Allzeit bereit

Sometimes real life gets in the way: personal things, work, pensive behavior…..yada, yada, yada. Anyway, that is how the last two weeks have been for me.  I’m kind of making my peace with the stressfulness that can sometimes be my life, and the show must go on.

Allzeit bereit.  Always. Be. Prepared.

Thanks to a dear friend, I think I have my tool situation sorted.  I’ve been supplied with a long list of things I need to be prepared for the trip.  This person has participated in more than one run so the advice given is advice appreciated.  I’ve done a test run and they all seem to fit under my seat compartment so this is pretty nice.  I’ve removed my top case for the trip so my storage space will be rather limited.  I was kind of stressing on whether or not the 18″ torque wrench would fit but yes!  It fits well enough to close the seat and that is all that matters, right?

I usually carry a few tools with me, but because my scooter is pretty new and very reliable (why did I say that?), I’ve never had the need to use more than an open ended wrench to tighten my windscreen.  Allzeit bereit – how many tools does it take to be prepared?  Well here you go:

Mind you, this is just the list of things to carry on the bike.

Breaker bar 1/2″ (most likely)
Torque wrench (rated to ~100 ft/lbs), 1/2″ (most likely)
8mm socket
10mm socket
12mm socket
17mm socket (deep well preferrable)
19mm socket (deep well preferrable)
10mm wrench open end
12mm wrench open end
14mm wrench open end
3/8 socket drive
L wobble for 1/4
L wobble for 1/2
3/8 to 1/4 adaptor
6″ extension – 1/2″
6″ extension – 3/8″
phillips head
flat head
two sets 3 size hose clamps
duct tape
rescue tape / silicone rescue
electrical tape
1 belt
spare plug
HT lead and cap
2 rags of some rag-like form involving rags
hex key set (doesn’t matter too much if they’re ball type or not)
Adjustable crescent
tire plug kit
full range of spare fuses (5, 7, 12, 20)
tire gauge
knife (if someone gives you guff)
small LED flashlight
variator holder Buzzetti
clutch holder

Believe it or not, all of those items fit under my tuckus and knowing it is there, makes me feel a little bit better.  Now making sure I know how to use all those tools, well that is another blog post entirely.  Some of the needed tools

One thought on “Allzeit bereit

  1. Midnight Rider says:

    Thanks for sharing the tool list, now I can cut my tool bag in half!

    Hope the shirt printing is going well!

    All the best!

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