Snowpocolypse of February 2012

I finally have a day off.

As you know, I am a chef. I own a small commercial kitchen. I cater. I bake cakes, and I design wedding cakes. I also open my doors to the community two days each week, offering baked goods and homemade soups for takeaway. I am a one gal show. I send out an SOS from time to time when I need extra help, but for the most part, I am on my own. A day off is a luxury. I work hard, and I work fast. When I have a day off, I do not like to be idle. I make a list and by God, I will get that list done.

Matching hat, scarf, and nose - 40 degrees inside my house.

The trip is creeping into the horizon and from here on out, I’ve decided that my days off will be dedicated to working on my scooter, and preparing for the upcoming trip. There is but one thing I forgot:  the weather we’ve had this “winter” season has been unseasonably warm.  Instead of foot after foot of snow and temperatures dipping lower than zero degrees Fahrenheit, we’ve been blessed with 40, 50 60, and even 70 degree weather.  I’ve worn perforated gloves all winter long and that’s just nuts! I think I better dig out the insulated winter gloves because old man winter has finally graced us with his presence.  He dumped 8 inches on our doorstep and apparently, he’s making up for lost time.  The snow isn’t supposed to stop anytime soon and by anytime, I mean Tuesday. The drive was shoveled 45 minutes ago and it needs it again.

Close call

Snowpocolypse 04 February 2012

The trees are heavily weighted with snow and because the season has been so dry, the trees are without water and stepping outside, you hear eerie cracks and creaks as the weight of the fallen snow stresses the limbs. I’ve been joking about the upcoming Snowpocolypse and Snowmageddon for days, and I may have been right. This heavy snow might be more than our 110 year old trees can handle. It’s a waiting game. Let’s hope I won’t be spending my Cannonball money on an arborist instead.

My herb garden is finally done for the season, about sixty days before I can plant again.

So, what does this mean for me?  No work on my scooter at all this weekend. While I can get to the garage, it is not heated and the electrical system in the garage cannot handle a space heater.

Great White is sadly pouting inside the garage while Old Man Winter flexes his muscle. For now, it’s battery is tended and it’s tucked in for what I hope is a short winter nap.

Not a whole lot I can do today. I guess I can stitch patches on my riding suit.  Wow, that sounds hella’ fun.

Great White patiently awaits the passing of the Snowpocolypse

3 thoughts on “Snowpocolypse of February 2012

  1. Right as I was posting this, four hours ago, the power line snapped and we lost power. Sadly, we have lost trees too: a majestic oak and a beautiful magenta magnolia tree are casualties of the storm. There are more trees dangling, just waiting for a light breeze or a little more snow to send their limbs tumbling to the ground. Sad….. I think I’ll take a nap and dream about scooters.

  2. Rick says:

    Sorry you had time off but couldn’t put it to good use by working on the scooter. Ah well, still plenty of time, though it’s beginning to feel awfully close.

    • After we got the power back, I updated my GPS maps but since the route seem to be ever-changing, I think I’ll wait on doing that again until the 1st April. Yes, close it is 🙂 We can now say, “see you in Savannah the month after next” Yes!

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