What a tool….

Tools!  Tools!  Tools! I woke up this morning in a panic!  Seriously, it was a full blown, what the crap, what if, kind of panic! It’s not uncommon for me to wake up on a Thursday stressing over the weekend lineup of wedding cakes.  This is the first time I’ve ever jumped out of bed with tools on my mind. I’ve never purchased proper tools before.  People are sending me lists from all over the country – do you have this?  – what about this?  – don’t forget to get that….  Panic is sinking in.  Who wants to have a breakdown and not have the proper tools to wrench on the  side of the road?  Also, who wants to have a breakdown and not know how to use all the bright new shiny tools you have with you in your bucket?  Not this baker chick!

Heading into this adventure, I am so extremely fortunate to have people in my life that want to see me succeed on this little (big) adventure.  My friend Oz has been nice enough to go over and edit the list of tools I need to have with me and has provided me with an idea of what sort of maintenance I can expect to (possibly) encounter along the way.  Thanks!!!  In addition, he never seems to mind editing my list and answering all my stupid questions.  Thank goodness for Facebook Messenger! Oz isn’t local.  He’s my advisor from an 1,800 mile distance.

My friend Noah, owner of Great Plains Cycle is generous, and brave enough to let me hang out in his shop the one day a week I manage to get away from my business.  It is a little overwhelming being in a proper shop. I am in awe –  the tools are always where they belong!  Noah is patient and so far has yet to treat me like a “gurrrrl”.  Thanks Noah!

As for tools, I think I just about have all I need.  It looks like I have enough tools to take apart my bike and put it back together entirely.  Luckily, tools are small and they will all fit in my under seat storage (aka pet carrier). I’m getting great at finding new tools on eBay auctions.  I’m also on a first name basis with the Craftsman rep at my local Sears.  When I get home, I’m not sure why I keep finding little things in my bag that I wanted but couldn’t afford so I didn’t get them.  When I look at my receipt, there is always a coupon that I didn’t have that offsets the cost of that item.  Maybe Craftsman is sponsoring this little adventure, or maybe the rep just thinks I’m a cute old lady.  I guess sometimes it’s good to be a gurrrrl 🙂

That’s it for today.  I have some wedding cakes this weekend that I should start stressing over.  Hope your week is treating you well!


2 thoughts on “What a tool….

  1. Rick says:

    Want to share your tool list? I’m fluctuating back and forth between minimalist and maximalist. I’ll be happy if I can end up somewhere in the middle.

  2. I’m happy to share the list. I will get to it tomorrow afternoon. As for things on the truck, you can share those tools if you’d like. We may or may not be traveling together during the day, but we’ll end up at the same location at night. That is if you and Bill don’t get lost while you show that Brit our great country 🙂

    P.S. Don’t let Bill navigate. I’m sure he has the world’s largest pile of antlers on his “must see” list 😉 He’ll steer you wrong for sure.

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